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YSN Bario Releases "Could Of Had It All"

Dallas, Texas rapper YSN Bario releases visuals for "Could Of Had It All". While it may seem like there’s been a massive influx of artists that emerge from the south every single year, one special thing about the south, however, is that there is so much to be inspired by. Living anywhere in the south alone, there are tons of emotions that can come from experiences living there. No matter if you’re dealing with life issues, trauma, fake friends and all, there’s a story to be told there. Dallas own YSN Bario has his own story to tell, and he’s been doing a damn good job at showcasing it.

One of the most promising talent out of Texas has to be YSN Bario. He has been grinding these last past few years to perfect his craft. Although he doesn’t get nearly enough recognition as we think he deserves, he continues to do his thing consistently which will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run. Check out his latest music video titled "Could Of Had It All".


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