Rob49 Delivers Visuals For "Vulture Island"

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New Orleans, Louisiana native Rob49 delivers visuals for "Vulture Island". Rob49 has stood out in a crowded scene full of talent and unique music artists in his city for a year now, unloading video after video of him ripping sample-driven instrumentals with great fervor and predating much of his own sound. His latest visual for "Vulture Island" is truly just the tip of the iceberg in his deep catalog and his consistency is something to be marveled. Rob49's flow is unhinged and frenetic, spitting machine-gun like bars one after another as soon as the beat drops and doesn’t relent until the song is finished. We hope that 2022 is the year that he can fully break out into the mainstream and to the pinnacle of New Orleans dense music scene that has been at the sharpest tip of music’s cutting edge for the better part of a decade but is yet to truly have received their credit on a larger scale for the upcoming music artist.

There is a moment when listening to a new artist that you realize just how impactful they will be and how true their intention is. Simply listening to their music grants you a glimpse into their passion, influences and sheer love of the music they create. This intimate connection we create with artists doesn’t happen often but when it does it is impossible to ignore. This brief preamble brings us to the subject of this post and our most recent discovery, Rob49. Although not much is known about the incredibly talented Hip Hop Artist, one thing is certain, Rob49 is an artist to pay very close attention to and his latest single, "Vulture Island", is an impressionable example of an artist you are going to want to get familiar with.



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