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Nina Laretta - Full Play

Louisiana native Nina Laretta drops "Full Play" (Live Performance) Open Mic. Sometimes there are releases that we know are going to be so impressive that we have to set aside some time to make sure we can ingest them without any distractions and make sure that we are able to appreciate the music as it was meant to be enjoyed without rushing through it just for the sake of saying we heard it.

Throughout the entire song, Nina Laretta paints a few beyond vivid pictures about some of the most discussed and debated topics in the world today, going into detail about hypothetical situations that would unfold if it were up to her. Nina Laretta don’t seem to get the respect she deserves in the industry from our perspective. Maybe this is due to her controversial nature or aggressive demeanor, but her flow is insane, her wordplay is pretty much unmatched by anyone else, and her attitude is off the charts. So we definitely have high expectations as we're sure all her other fans do as well. Be sure to watch into "Full Play", and follow Nina Laretta on instagram

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