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Houston, TX Singer Latina Kimon Drops "Running Out Of Time"

Emerging Houston-Based Singer/Songwriter, Latina Kimon, Unveils Striking Music Video for "Running Out Of Time".

Prepare to be captivated by the unstoppable ascent of Latina Kimon, a talented artist hailing from Houston, TX. Her undeniable talent and unique sound guarantee her inevitable rise in the music industry. For those fortunate enough to have experienced the sheer magic of her voice, they understand just how extraordinary her musical gift truly is. Today, this Louisiana native presents a new song that serves as a resounding declaration of her unwavering presence and promising future in the realm of music.

In our tireless pursuit of connecting with diverse artists and delving deeper into their artistry beyond their Spotify Discography, we've had the privilege of encountering Latina Kimon. We firmly believe that beyond the melodies, it's the meaningful connections we foster that hold true significance. That's why it's imperative for us to not only feature exceptional musicians but also extend our unwavering support to them, while endeavoring to establish genuine bonds. Latina Kimon is undeniably an artist on the brink of greatness, worthy of your undivided attention. Experience her latest music video, "Running Out Of Time," below:

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