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Houston, Texas Rapper Savage Rock Releases Visuals For "Let's Go"

Houston, Texas rapper Savage Rock releases visuals for "Let's Go". Over the past decade or so, Houston underground scene has proven to be the epicenter of the future of hip-hop and the artist that we will be highlighting today is another example of how the scene is evolving and as strong as ever. Savage Rock is an artist that we stumbled upon a week ago and also made our weekly independent list.

At the end of the day, this record is a fantastic addition to Savage Rock’s consistently growing discography. Both the song and video are top-notch, and Savage Rock’s potential is truly unbelievable. "Let's Go" is a masterpiece for anyone who is a fan of the south’s most notorious sound, and we think it’s safe to say that Savage Rock isn’t someone to mess with after building one of the most notable career foundations in recent memory. Check out his latest music video titled "Let's Go" below.




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