El Nabi Drops Music Video For "Sage"

#ElNabi #GoodCriticism

Nashville, TN native El Nabi drops music video for "Sage" shot by @BornWinnerBJ. Kids these days have a much different upbringing than anyone in the history of this world thanks to technology, the internet, and even social awareness. We are the generation that doesn’t stand for anything unjust, and with access to anyone across the world on the world wide web and social media, there is never a day that goes by where someone doesn’t make their stance on an issue known. That also means that misfits no longer have to hide or be afraid of their true identity, because there once was a time when these outcasts felt excluded due to their minimal exposure to others like them, The internet allows these individuals to come together and rise up, embracing who they are and being proud of this label, not ashamed of it as they once were.

There is a moment when listening to a new artist that you realize just how impactful they will be and how true their intention is. Simply listening to their music grants you a glimpse into their passion, influences and sheer love of the music they create. This intimate connection we create with artists doesn’t happen often but when it does it is impossible to ignore. This brief preamble brings us to the subject of this post and our most recent discovery, El Nabi. Although not much is known about the incredibly talented Hip Hop Artist, one thing is certain, El Nabi is an artist to pay very close attention to and his latest single, "Sage", is an impressionable example of an artist you are going to want to get familiar with.



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